mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Best of 2011

Comme d'habitude je n'ai pas encore écouté tous les disques que je voulais cette année, malgré tout je vous livre ceux qui m'ont le plus marqué, une année assez exceptionnelle pour les rééditions, quelques très bons disques de groupes actuels également.


Best LPs :
Psandwich "Northren Psych" (Columbus Discount)
Sex Church "Growing Over" (Load)
Total Control "Henge Beat" (Iron Lung)
The Pheromoans "It Still Rankles" (Convulsive)
True Sons of Thunder "Spoonful Of Seedy Dudes" (Jeth-Row)
Royal Headache "S/T" (RIP Society/XVIII Records)
UV Race "Homo" (In The Red)
Hygiene "Public sector" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Apache Dropout "S/T" (Family Vineyard)
Kim Phuc "Copsucker" (Iron Lung)

Best 7"/EPs :
Low Life "Sydney Darbs" (Negatve Guest List)
Per Purpose "Heil Progress" (Bedroom Suck)
Real Numbers "Tear It In Two" (Floridas Dying)
Bäddat För Trubbel "ISO 9004" (Ken Rock)
Weird TV "Sufrir/Sex" (Perennial)
Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" (Mata La Musica)
Ralph "EP" (Scavenger Of Death)
Bloodclot Faggots "S/T" (No Patience)
Puffy Areolas "Gentleman's Grip" (Hozac)
Watery Love "Die With Dignity" (Siltbreeze)

Best Reissues :
Fungus Brains "Ron Pistos Real World" (Load)
Cheater Slicks "Our Food Is Chaos : The Allen Paulino Session" (Almost Ready)
Happy Refugees "Return to Last Chance Saloon" (Acute)
Electric Manchakou "S/T" (Mémoire Neuve)
Roach Motel "It's Lonely At The Top" (Floridas Dying)
The Victims "Sleeping Dogs Lie" (1977)
Ivy Green "S/T" (1977)
The Astronauts "Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Various Artists "FM-BX Society Tape 001" (S-S)
The Gruberger Brothers  "Greetings From Reading, PA." (Rerun)
Disco Zombies "Drums Over London" (Acute)
Michael Yonkers Band "Micromoniature Love" (Sub Pop)
Clap "Have You Reached Yet ?" (Sing Sing)
Panic "13" (Sing Sing)
Starfuckers "Metallic Diseases" (Holy Mountain)

7"s/EPs :
The Scrotum Poles "Revelation" (One Tone)
Count Vertigo "X Patriots" (Mississippi)
Dow Jones And The Industrials "Let's Go Steady !" (Family Vineyard)
Sperm Wails "Lady Chatterley" (S-S)
Just Urbain "Everybody Loves" (540)
Bob "The Things That You Do" (Rerun)
Reactors "It's Not Important" (Rerun)
Hammer Damage "Automatic Lips" (Last Laugh)